Frequently asked questions

1What is the size of the studio apartment we are designing for?

The reference plan provided for the studio apartment will indicate the dimensions and layout. Please follow the plan as a starting point for your design and make any adjustments as necessary to accommodate your design concept. Approximate carpet area is 600 Sq.ft (Download the CAD file form our website, click on Download brief button)

2Are there any restrictions on the materials, colors, or design styles we can use in our proposal?

There are no specific restrictions on materials, colors, or design styles, but we encourage participants to consider sustainability, eco-friendliness, and the preferences of young working professionals when making their selections.

3Can we modify the layout of the reference plan provided?

Yes, you may modify the layout of the reference plan to better suit your design concept, but ensure that the changes are in line with the competition's goals and objectives, as well as the preferences of young working professionals.

4Can we include outdoor or shared spaces in our design proposal?

While the primary focus of the competition is on the interior design of the studio apartment, you may also propose ideas for outdoor or shared spaces if they are relevant to your design concept and enhance the living experience for young working professionals.

5What file formats and submission requirements should we follow?

Submissions should include a clear, concise, and visually engaging presentation of the design proposal, showcasing floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D visualizations or renderings, along with a brief written description of the design concept and any unique features. Please refer to the competition guidelines for specific file formats and submission requirements.

6How will the winning designs be selected?

The winning designs will be selected based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the competition brief, which include functionality and space optimization, aesthetics and style, connection to nature and the seafront location, sustainability and eco-friendliness, and clarity and presentation.

7Can I collaborate with a team for this competition?

Yes, you can work individually or collaborate with a team of designers for this competition (Maximum 3 people in a Team). Please ensure that all team members' names are included while registering for the competition.