Frequently asked questions

1Are the teams allowed to share their work for the competition before the winners are announced by the organizer?

The participants are only permitted to share their proposal for the competition on social media or any other platform once the winners are revealed officially. Archdais will also publish each submission at this date and will be working with many design platforms to attract publication opportunities.

2What is the competition brief?

The competition brief is a document that explains the design problem you'll be solving. It includes site details, design requirements, and criteria for judging. This document can be downloaded from our website.

3Are multiple entries allowed for submission and can hand-drawn sheets be submitted?

Participants are free to submit multiple entries or projects, but each entry must be registered by a separate email ID. One sheet will have one project only. Hand-drawn sheets are allowed for submission, participants can scan and mail them to us on Follow all the submission guidelines carefully.

4How can I get a discount on the competition fee?

Discounts can be obtained in two ways. Firstly, through a promo code, which is a tool to obtain a discount on the competition fee. It's not mandatory for registration, but it can help reduce the cost. You can get a promo code either from an Archdais influencer or by writing to us at Secondly, if you are registering a group, a discount is available for a minimum of five teams. During registration, continue adding teams and their information using different email IDs for each team registration. If you encounter any issues while availing this discount, please write to us at with the subject line "Group Discount Query”.

5Where all do the participants need to use their unique team code?

All the participants would be using their team code on the top right corner of their sheets, as the name of their submission and wherever requested by the organizer. This code will be their only identification for the process related with this competition. Kindly read the submission guidelines given in the brief carefully.

6Is there an entry fee for the competition?

Yes, participating in the competition does require an entry fee. is a community-supported platform and the entry fees help us manage competitions sustainably. They also support us in publishing and promoting outstanding submissions across the Archdais community throughout the year. You can find specific entry fee details in the competition brief.

7Further Help and Support

For additional inquiries related to the competition, visit the 'Ask us a Question' section located under the FAQ page of the competition. Please note, this section becomes visible after you've logged in. Feel free to write your queries there, and our team will respond as soon as possible. We also encourage you to browse through our FAQ section, as it addresses most common concerns.

8Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the competition?

We invite everyone, irrespective of their professions or qualifications, to join the competition and present their ideas. Interdisciplinary teams are also welcome to join. There is no age limit, however, entrants under 18 years of age must be led or entered by someone over the age of 18.

9Can team members be from different firms or colleges?

Yes, team members from different firms or colleges can participate together. There is no age limit, however, entrants under 18 years of age must be led or entered by someone over the age of 18.

10How many team members can participate and can we change team members after registration?

A team can have up to 3 members and cannot exceed this number. Participants who desire to participate individually can do so by filling and submitting the details for the team leader. Teams can add new members after registration, as long as their total members do not exceed 3. To do this, please send us your request on with the details of the new team member along with the team Unique Teamcode.

11What does the participant do when they don’t get a unique identification code after the payment is made?

If you do not receive the team code after making the payment, retrieve it by visiting the competition page, clicking on 'Get my Teamcode', and entering your transaction ID and registered email ID. If this doesn't work, email us at with the subject line "Unique Identification Code Issue" and include a screenshot of your payment receipt. We aim to resolve such issues within 24-36 business hours.

12What should the participants do in case the payments are not available in our country?

We request the participants to send us the queries on to get an alternate payment method. We would send you all the possible payment methods.

13What happens if there is a technical issue with the submission?

If you find any technical error while uploading the submission on the website, you can share your submission materials via email to with the team code as the email subject.

14Where & how can I submit my sheet?

You have two methods to submit your design proposal, declaration form, and Project estimation : 1. Website Submission: ● Log in at with your registered email ID. ● Navigate to "Competitions," log in, and select the related competition. ● Click on the "Submit" button at the top right corner (This button will appear only if you have registered in the competition). ● Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your submission. A confirmation will be displayed after successful upload. OR 2. Email Submission: ● If you cannot submit via the website, email your documents to ● Use your TEAMCODE as the email subject.

15What are the consequences of not adhering to the competition rules?

Breaching the norms and terms defined in the brief or the Terms and Conditions on the Archdais website will lead to immediate disqualification of the team without any refund of payments made. Teams will be disqualified if they fail to comply with any of the competition rules or submission requirements. Participation implies acceptance of these regulations.

16Where can we find the complete list of rules and regulations for the competition?

Participants can find a complete set of rules and regulations in the brief of the competition and on the website.

17What is a promo code? & How to get one? Is it mandatory for registration?

Through Promo Code participants can avail discounts on the competition fee. You can get it from an archdais influencer, or by tagging 5 friends in any recent post or resharing the post on your stories of the competition shared on social media handles of @archdais.competitions . It is not mandatory for registration.