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All the participants will only receive the unique teamcode on completion of the registration process.

All the participants would be using their team code on the top right corner of their sheets, as the name of their submission and wherever requested by the organizer. This code will be their only identification for the process related with this competition.

A team can have up to 3 members and cannot exceed this number. The participants who desire to participate individually can do so by filling and submitting the details for the team leader.

Teams are welcome to add any new members as long as their total members do not exceed 3. However they are prohibited from swapping or removing any existing member of the team. To do this please send us your request on competition@archdais.com with the details of the new team member along with the team Unique Teamcode.

The participants are only permitted to share their proposal for the competition on social media or any other platform once the winners are revealed officially. Archdais will also publish each submission at this date and will be working with many design platforms to attract publication opportunities.

The participants are requested to submit their work through mail on submission@archdais.com in A1 size sheet in 150 DPI resolution formats. All the submissions will be taken digitally only.

The file size should not exceed more than 10MB.

The participants are requested to submit the files with their unique team code as its name. Follow the submission guidelines given in the brief carefully.

The participants are free to use any one of imperial or metric unit systems.

The participants are required to use an A1 sheet i.e. (841 x 594 mm), (33.1 x 23.4 inch). The sheets must be composed in Landscape orientation, with the Unique Team Code on the top right corner.

We request the participants to send us the queries on competition@archdais.com to get an alternate payment method. We would send you all the possible payment methods.

In case of such a problem we request you to send us screenshot of your payment receipt to competition@archdais.com with the “unique identification code” as subject matter within two working days of the transaction.

Participants are free to submit multiple entries or projects, but each entry must be registered by a separate email ID. One sheet will have a One project only.

We urge participants to come up with their most creative concepts (theme) they have in mind and not get restricted to one. It is open for all kinds of design ideas.

Yes, they are allowed, participants can scan and mail them to us on submission@archdais.com. Follow all the submission guidelines carefully.

All the participants will receive digital certificates irrespective of the winners.

Through Promocode participants can avail discount on the competition fee. You can get it from an archdais influencer, or by tagging 5 friends in any recent post of the competition shared on social media handles of @archdais & @archdais.competitions . It is not mandatory for registration.

Through Promocode participants can avail discount on the competition fee. You can get it from an archdais influencer, or by tagging 5 friends in any recent post of the competition shared on social media handles of @archdais & @archdais.competitions . It is not mandatory for registration.

Minimum 5 Teams or more are eligible for group discount. Write us on competition@archdais.com with number of teams willing to participate in the Competition. Archdais Team will guide you with the procedure.

Participants will be judged on the following criteria: Design Expression, X Factor, Completeness & Representation.

Interiors are always a plus, but it completely depends on the participants & their design. (No Compulsion)

Area calculation break-up is not a mandate, participants can choose to include it if they think it helps explain their design. This being said, all participants have to adhere minimum area requirements as per the brief.

The aim of the competition is to develop a place making project that will act as a Centre for change and community empowerment, in the heart of Dharavi, that will be wholly and truly owned by the people there. This will be a project that has the potential to become an umbrella institution for initiating change in Dharavi from within.

The maximum allowed built area area is 2000 Sq. M and the ground coverage allowance for the project is 60%.

The site area is 1050Sq. m and the margins are: 4.5m front margin, 2m rear margin, 2m side margins.

The programme has been developed in three parts and includes a range of activities that will help bring changes in a holistic manner and encourage people to work collectively. The project must be treated as a community common, completely public in nature. The functions are divided into 3 types: Economic, Social and Recreational. The detailed breakup of the program can be found in the brief.

The site chosen for this project is at the edge of the slum, at the Dharavi T-Junction, and at a walking distance from the proposed Dharavi Metro Station. The site lies right on the main Road and will provide easy access to visitors from all around the city. The Bandra Kurla complex is in close proximity to the site.

Built up area and Setbacks must be followed as mentioned in the brief. There is no height restriction and Parking area need not be considered into the program. Proper access must be provided to all spaces. Please refer to Autocad and Sketchup Files provided.

The Dharavi Project, is an open ideas design competition with no intentions to execute the proposals submitted in any form. The competition is open to all and students and professionals can join the competition

Fees & Timeline (All the deadlines are 11:59pm IST) 1. Early Registrations (15th June - 05th August , 2021) - Indian Nationals: INR 1500 - Foreign Nationals: USD 45 $ 2. Standard Registrations (06th August - 05th September , 2021) - Indian Nationals: INR 2000 - Foreign Nationals: USD 60 $ 3. Late Registrations (07th Sept - 20th Sept , 2021) - Indian Nationals: INR 2500 - Foreign Nationals: USD 75 $

Please submit any further questions you might have regarding the competition to, competition@archdais.com